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Force Five DVD - Complete Box Set

Force Five DVD - Complete Box Set
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129 Episodes + 5 Movies

Starvengers series + movie 
Grandizer series + Movie 
Spaceketeers series + Movie 
Gaiking series + Movie 
Danguard Ace series + Movie 

Force Five was not a single television show, but a syndicated series that showcased five different anime programs once a week, dubbed into English for an American audience. The compilation was mainly shown in New England in the early 1980's, with Danguard Ace airing on Mondays, Starvengers on Tuesdays, Spaceketeers on Wednesdays, Grandizer on Thursdays and Gaiking on Fridays.

The syndicated anime package sparked a revived interest in giant robot cartoons, paving the way for shows such as Voltron, Transformers and Gobots to find receptive American audiences.
-Brand new and sealed
-Contains every episode of Starvengers, Grandizer, Spaceketeers, Gaiking and Daigard Ace
-Presented in English
-Region Free - The Force Five Anime DVD will play on any DVD player worldwide
-Order now and relive your memories of this great anime series

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