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In Suspicious Circumstances DVD - Edward Woodward TV Show

In Suspicious Circumstances DVD - Edward Woodward TV Show
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In Suspicious Circumstances is a documentary drama series that ran from June of 1991 to October of 1996. Edward Woodward narrates stories of newsworthy true crimes, the events of which are recreated using actors. In Suspicious Circumstances features mysteries that came to unsatisfactory resolutions. 

Facts about intriguing crimes that made headlines and captured public interest are presented in ways that encourage viewers to come to their own conclusions, with two true crimes featured in each episode. Old crime scenes and court cases are explored and any new evidence that has come to light over time is introduced to viewers. 

The crimes selected for this series all have different elements, including poisonings, identity confusion and unlikely killers, and they occur in a variety of locations and time periods. Fantastic true crime tales that occurred between the 1500s and the 1930s are identified and brought to conclusion as far as the available facts of each crime allow. Some crimes were never solved, whereas others may have been solved incorrectly.

-Presented in English
-Brand new and sealed
-Contains nine episodes of In Suspicious Circumstances
-Region Free - The In Suspicious Circumstances DVD will play on any DVD player worldwide
-Order now and relive your nostalgic memories of this classic show

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