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Vanishing Son DVD Box Set - Complete Series & Movie

Vanishing Son DVD Box Set - Complete Series & Movie
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Russell Wong starred as Jian-Wa Chang, a musician who escaped from the People's Republic of China after being involved in a student demonstration against the government. He and his brother Wago escaped to the USA; he pursued his music while Wago became drawn to a life of organized crime.

Wago and two US Federal Agents are killed; Jian-Wa is held responsible, but a Vietnamese mafioso known as "The General" (Haing S. Ngor) is behind the murders. Jian-Wa becomes a fugitive, using his wisdom, music, and martial arts skills to solve problems along the way, on his quest to bring "The General" to justice. As he helps others while traveling, he is aided by the spirit of his murdered brother Wago.

In the series, Jian-Wa is constantly on the run from ruthless Federal Agent Dan Sandler (Jason Adams), the direct superior to the agents killed in the two-hour films. Agent Judith Phillips (Stephanie Niznik) was a member of Sandler's team who was convinced that Jian-Wa was innocent and she gradually became his ally. This put her at great odds with Sandler.

Russell Wong
Haing S. Ngor (telefilms)
Vivian Wu (telefilms)
Rebecca Gayheart (telefilms)
Marcus Chong (telefilms)
Chi Muoi Lo
Jason Adams (series)
Stephanie Niznik (series)

-Presented in English
-Brand new and sealed
-Contains every episode of Vanishing Son
-Region Free - The Vanishing Son DVD will play on any DVD player worldwide
-Order now and relive your memories of this classic show

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