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Hugga Bunch DVD - Movie - 1980s

Hugga Bunch DVD - Movie - 1980s
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THE HUGGA BUNCH DVD features the story of Bridget, a polite young girl trying to save her grandmother from moving to a retirement community and out of her house. After all, Grams is the only one in her family that gives her hugs. 

Her brother Andrew is way too into baseball to hug, and her parents are always busy with work. The only way for her to keep Grams in the house is to travel to HuggaLand and obtain the youngberries from the youngberry tree. She can’t do this without her pal Huggins, who also loves to hug.

Along the way she meets a slue of characters, from Huggins friends, to an patchwork elephant named Hodge Podge, who she saves by hugging him. She learns from the book worm that the only youngberry tree belongs to the evil queen. Now, Bridget must sneak inside the castle and steal some youngberries to stop her grandmother from aging and keep her living in their house.

The Hugga Bunch DVD features every minute of this adorable movie - a treat for any kids of the 80s.

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