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Outlaws DVD - 1986 TV Series

Outlaws DVD - 1986 TV Series
Outlaws DVD - 1986 TV Series Outlaws DVD - 1986 TV Series
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Outlaws is a short-lived action-adventure American television series which aired Saturday nights on CBS. Five cowboys are sent forward through time from 1886 to 1986, and fight crime. The original series began as a 2-hour pilot movie, and was followed by eleven one-hour episodes. And now you can finally own Outlaws on DVD.

Written and Executive Produced by Nicholas Corea. Directed by Peter Werner. Produced by Stephen F. Caldwell. 
Cast: Rod Taylor, William Lucking, Charles Napier, Patrick Houser, Richard Roundtree and Christina Belford. 
Guest Cast: Lewis VanBergen and Windy Girard. 

It is 1899 Houston, a gang of four bank robbers were running from their former leader, now Sheriff, who leads a posse to catch them. The five have a face off in an ancient Indian burial grounds during a thunderstorm. Lightning strikes the five and sends them into present day Houston (1986). There they struggle to adapt until they come together in the end and form the Double Eagle Ranch Detective agency.

The Outlaws DVD features all 12 episodes of this classic Western TV series.

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